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Payment methods

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC Payment Policy

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC utilizes an SSL certificate to verify our identity and ownership of www.magicvaporshop.com so that our website's security is verified.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC never retains your credit card information on our website, or in our databases.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC utilizes EVO to process all credit card payments on our website, and maintains a secure connection to EVO so that your credit card information is transmitted securely to EVO  for processing. Once your payment has been processed, the only information we retain is an Authorization Number associated with your purchase.

EVO  verifies your credit card information based on your credit card billing address, and will deny purchases made with any other address, such as an alternate shipping address. This denial does not prevent EVO from placing a hold on the funds on your credit card. This hold may last up to 4 days, before the funds are released. Magic Vapor Shop, LLChas no control over the hold placed on your funds. Magic Vapor Shop, LLC does not have the ability to release this hold on your funds, and cannot expedite the process of releasing these funds.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC reserves the right to cancel any order that seems suspicious and refund any transaction that is suspected fraud. Refunds of transactions that are deemed fraudulent, may take as long as 4 days before the funds will be returned to the account.

Failed Credit Card transactions may result in multiple temporary charges placed on your credit card. If you do not receive a notice that the order was successful, your order was not processed.

Please Note: Magic Vapor Shop, LLC requires that your purchases on our website use your Credit Card Billing Address as the Shipping Address for your order until your account has been established as legitimate. After your account has been established as non-fraudulent you may add other shipping addresses which differ from your Credit Card Billing Address. Please contact us before adding an alternative shipping address so that we can verify with you that the new address is not fraudulent.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC has imposed an online order limit of $300, and any order placed over that amount will be rejected automatically. We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause.