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About us

Established Late 2011, Magic Vapor Shop was started with one goal in mind.To help people find an alternative to lighting plant matter on fire, thus inhaling toxic tar, and the other 4000 chemicals included in tobacco SMOKE !!!

8 Store locations in 13 years, latest in Danville 2022

We as humans know from birth that smoke is very bad to inhale, hence the immediate reaction when a SMOKE detector goes off and we smell it...that...that hideous , poisonous noxious substance called SMOKE.

When the woods are on fire, every animal (and humans) instincts automatically kick in and we are OUT of there because we know it will kill us.

We believe in the right to smoke, just not the concept of using a product that kills 50% of its users. 

Please give vapor a try, it saved my life, and killed many family/friends and millions of people since first man figured it was a good idea to roll this stuff up and puff or chew it until our bodies craved its wondrous gasses of masses of deadly lethal chemicals...till death do us part say the manufacturers.

I'll be dam if we're going to let it continue, and it is our sole mission to stop people from smoking, and try a safer alternative.

Thank you, your new friends at Magic Vapor Shop, dot commmmmmmmm