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Return Policy

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC Return Policy

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC maintains a return policy to help insure customer satisfaction. However, there are limitations and requirements with regard to merchandise returns.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC will not accept returns of any eliquid product or product that contains eliquid. This policy statement was created in an effort to insure the safety of all of our customers. We cannot accept returns on eliquid, even if it has been unopened. Once the eliquid leaves our store, we have no way of knowing what has happened to that eliquid and are unwilling to accept the risk of potential tampering with the eliquid when it is no longer in our posession. We will never sell a customer any eliquid that has been returned to us, because we can't guarantee that the product hasn't been tampered with.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC does not offer a money back guarantee on any of our products. We will happily work with you to find a better product and will give you a discount on a new product comparable to the price of the product you are unhappy with. Please understand this offer does not include eliquid, and only refers to electronic cigarettes, and rebuildable tanks. Disposable eCig tanks offer no discount toward another product if you are unsatisfied with their performance.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC does not, and will not sell used products. If you return an item, that item will be returned to the manufacturer to be replaced with a new item.

To return a product to Magic Vapor Shop, LLC you may either return it to a store local to you, or you may mail it back to Magic Vapor Shop, as long as it isn't eliquid. In the event you attempt to return a product purchased on our website, to a local store, you will need to inform the employees in that store that you pruchased the product on www.magicvaporshop.comand give the employee ample opportunity to look up your account information. You should also allow our employees ample time to diagnose your product to help you by finding the problem with the unit, or suggesting an alternative product.

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC will not pay shipping charges for you to return products to our web order center. Magic Vapor Shop, LLC will only use our default USPS Priority Mail shipping to return products to you at no cost.

You can mail your defective products to:

Magic Vapor Shop, LLC
ATTN: Returns Department
595 Highway 192 W
London, KY 40741

Please be sure to include your Name, Address and telephone number, as well as a description of the problem.