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Fake Lying News is still trying to hand vapor over to BIG tobacco and Big Pharma....not while I'm around they won't

Illegal POT THC carts that are hurting people...they call it vapor, but its not OUR vapor.

Fake news is really FAKE news...learn this people, and read on between their lines!

This is not VAPOR. Someone is taking advantage of young innocent ( and not so innocent ) people  and some of them are getting killed by this FAKE THC POT carts that look like what we sell, but they dam sure are NOT what we would ever sell...Its as bad as some very well known drugs already out there.

Don't buy it unless you know where it was manufactured. Some of this stuff is legal in some states that do rigorous testing and have much oversite of their legal products. They cost more from a legal dispensary , and street dealers are jumping all over this with some bad actors selling to anyone that has a dollar.