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Pod Packs and Coils (35)

SMOK Nord Mesh Coil 0.6ohm
SMOK Novo 2 Mesh Pod 1.0 ohms
SMOK Nord Coil 1.4ohm
SMOK Nord Pod 3ml
4X 4 pack 4x Variety Pack 6.5mg 1ml
Boulder Boulder Rock Pod Single
SMOK Novo Ceramic 1.4ohm Pod 2ml
Suorin Suorin Air Pod
SMOK Novo 1.5ohm Pod 2ml
SMOK Novo 2 DC Pod 1.4 ohm
4 pack Juul Mint 5% 0.7ml
CALI 4 pack CALI Grape 5% 1ml
SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod and Mesh 0.6/0.8 coils
SMOK Novo Mesh 0.8ohm Pod 2ml
Suorin Suorin Air Plus Pod
4 pack Juul Menthol 5% 0.7ml
4 pack Juul Classic Tobacco 5% 0.7ml
SMOK Rolo Badge Pod
Just Mango 4 pack Just Sweet Mango 5% 1ml
Zalt 4 pack Zalt Straw Melon Menthol 5% 1ml
Suorin Suorin Drop Pod
SMOK Novo 1.2ohm Pod 2ml
Ziip 4 pack Ziip Strawberry Milk 5% 1.0ml
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