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FIGHT HOUSE BILL 32! Find Your Legislator!


Call To Action!

February 11th, House Bill 32 was successfully sent through committee. HB 32 would place a 25% wholesale tax on all vapor products and a 25% tax on all existing products in vapor shops. The details of this taxation were revealed at the last minute and we have been diligently working to help get this changed. If you want to help, reach out to your local representative and let them know that this level of taxation is unacceptable!

Here's how YOU can help!

Step 1:

Click this link


Enter your address and when it pulls up your neighborhood, click on the image and find your Representative.

Click on their “View Bio Page” and you will have access to email them and all their contact info.

Step 2:

Email, call, tweet, or just go visit them and tell them that this level of taxation will devastate the vapor industry in Kentucky. Reference the Pennsylvania 40% wholesale tax which closed roughly two-thirds of their vapor shops over the course of a year, putting thousands out of work. Also reference that youth usage still went up the following years despite the taxation.


Reference the new National Bureau of Economic Research study which shows that when you increase vapor taxes you increase cigarette usage. Cigarettes kill almost a half million people a year. Vapor products are at least 95% less harmful than Cigarettes.



Step 3:

Success!! You have let your elected Representative know your thoughts and hopefully they will amend HB 32 in support of the vapor consumers throughout our great Commonwealth!


Vapor products have been saving lives for years, now its time for us to save vapor!

Thank you from all of us at Magic Vapor Shop!