In order to help you understand which of our products work "together", we've developed this simple guide to understanding all the icons you'll see on each product photo, and in other places scattered across our website.

We'll start with the easiest to understand.
The Mini-eCig with an 808D Connector.

All of our Mini-eCigs have a connector similar to the picture below:
KR808D-1 Connector
You'll notice that there are only a couple of threads showing on the top of the connector. There should also be a couple of small air holes, below these threads. These air holes are important, and should be cleaned out regularly. You can find our care guide for Mini-eCigs here: [Link to Care Guide.]

All of our Mini-eCig items use the 808D connector so if you're shopping for items that will work with your Mini-eCig, look for the icon below:
808D Compatibility Icon
Brands that commonly use this type of connector: V2 Cigs, MV Cigs, KangerTech, V4L (Vapor 4 Life), Volt and several others. Technically the connector is called a KR808D-1.

Next we'll look at the eGo and EVOD type eCigs, we call them 510C connectors.
510C Connector
You'll notice that this connector is much larger than the connector on the Mini-eCig. These 510C connectors have notches cut in the very top of the connector for air flow, threads around the outside of the connector, and very fine threads inside the top leading down into the center connector.
The connectors on these eCig batteries, are compatible with both 510C and 510U tanks. You can look for any tanks, carts, clearomizers on our site that have both of these icons:
510C and 510U Icons
Brands that commonly use these connectors: Vision, KangerTech, MV Cigs, Joyetech, Innokin, SMOK Tech, and many others. This is possibly the most common eCig connector on the planet.

Next we'll look at the 510U connector, commonly found on Mod eCigs.
510U Connector
These connectors are generally flat, with a small hole in the middle which have threads leading down to the center connector. The "U" in 510U, basically means Un-collared, meaning that the tank, cart, or clearomizer has no collar around the bottom of the tank so it can fit flush against the top of the 510U eCig battery.
If your eCig has a 510U connector, you can shop for any of our products that have the following icon:
510U Compatibility Icon
These types of connectors are more common on eCig Mods by companies such as: Innokin, SMOK Tech, Hana Mods, and several others.

This compatibility guide is only intended for information regarding our products. There are many other type of eCig connectors and products out there on the internet, and there is no way we could possibly carry every type of eCig. The easiest way to identify which of our products will work with your eCig, is to find a similar eCig on our site and notice which compatibility icons are on our eCig.