Magic Vapor Shop, LLC provides a Revolving Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer Defects. Maintenance of this Revolving warranty, requires the original purchaser of the device to to make a purchase every 30 Days at Magic Vapor Shop, LLC to renew and extend the warranty coverage.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty Covers:
    A. Defects in the manufacturing process of any electronic component which prevents the device from working as specified
    B. Device failure without obvious evidence of damage, abuse or neglect.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty DOES NOT COVER:
    A. Damage from abuse, neglect, misuse, or modification.
    B. Battery Charge Capacity1
    C. Loss or Theft

Right of Refusal:
Magic Vapor Shop, LLC reserves the right to refuse replacement of any device if the device has been abused, neglected, damaged, or modified. Magic Vapor Shop, LLC reserves the right to refuse warranty coverage if the Customer has failed to maintain the Revolving Warranty by making a purchase every 30 Days.

1 Any electronic device which relies on a battery to operate will suffer battery capacity degradation over time. Like cell phone batteries, eCig batteries will eventually fail to take and hold a charge.