The FDA Deeming Regulation with regard to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or (ENDS) which was recently enacted, puts the future of electronic cigarettes in question. Not only does it cause us concern for the future but the retro-active wording essentially means that every ecig product going back to 2007 will be considered illegal until certified by the FDA.

Here is the entire 499 Page FDA Deeming Regulation: Click Here

However there is hope to save our industry, in the form of H.R. 2058 introduced by Representative Tom Cole. Essentially this resolution to ammend the deeming regulation is a "grandfather" clause which will stipulate that all the products already on the market before the FDA Deeming regulation was implemented will be considered "legal" and will not have to be submitted for consideration to the FDA for certification.

You can track the progress of House Bill 2058 by: Clicking Here this link will open a new window, and will also allow you to see all of the Co-Sponsors of this bill.

In an effort to help support Representative Cole in his effort to stop the over-reaching tactics implemented by the FDA, a letter of support has been drafted which can be printed, signed and mailed to Representative Cole to show your support of his effort. Click Here to open the letter, and be sure to sign it and include your address below your signature.

At this time, Magic Vapor Shop will continue "business as usual" seeing as how we were already compliant with the FDA Deeming Regulation as an electronic cigarette retailer, however it will become impossible to continue without your support as a vaper.

What can you do to help?

Currently there is an effort that can use your help. CASAA has created an online campaign to contact your local Representatives and Senators.

Click this Button and go send a message in support of H.R. 2058.